These are Misunderstood Characters.
The Blank Faced Aliens, appeared in the episode "The Tale of the Thirteenth Floor".


They are friendly and civilized beings from an unknown planet, that is apparently a beautiful paradise. They can see

Come to us...

beyond the horizon and fly like birds. They also have telekinesis and some of them are organic and some are robotic. They have blank faces with no facial features and they only have three fingers on each hand.

When they travel to Earth, they need to constantly charge up on a supplement of their plants atmosphere. This takes about ten years to store an amount to maintain their appearance and keep their powers. The robotic ones can be turns on and off by means of a remote control. When they receive too much exposure, they instantly gain a human appearance complete with a full head of hair. If they are aware of this, they can pull it if at any given time.

If a being of their race is left on another planet by mistake, they plan a rescue for it. A rescue mission takes about ten years to store up enough atmosphere to maintain a safe and sound trip. When they find the lost being, they will expose them to a store up amount of their planet's atmosphere and give him or her a series of tests to help them regain their proper senses and powers. Also it's to help them become able to survive on their planet before letting them onto the ship to return them home.

In the year 1983, a couple named Olga and Raymond (who's robotic) had visited Earth. However, they mistakenly left their daughter behind. Then soon enought from exposure to earth's atmosphere, their daughter lost her powers and gained a human appearance. She was soon adopted by a human family and renamed Karin.

Then ten years later, in 1993 Raymond and Olga contacted Karin with messages on the T.V. She thought these were dreams and had no idea what was happening. Olga and Raymond along with their pleasant friend Leonid returned to earth after having stored up enough of their own atmosphere. They contacted Karin inviting her to come upstairs to the thirteenth floor of her apartment building under the pretense it was a new toy factory.

Karin arrived, but they were unaware that she brought her adoptive brother Billy with her. Karin played the games and quickly from taking the exposure to their atmosphere. However it scared Karin and she ran off and escaped. Leonid tried his best to convince her, but she didn't believe him.

After they took off on their spaceship, Olga contacted Karin and nicely explained to her that it hasn't been a dream. This was supposed to be her rescue, since they left her behind by mistake. Then she explained that they wouldn't be able to come again for another ten years and changed back with the last of her atmosphere. Then suddenly from exposure to the atmosphere on the ship, Karin pealed off her human skin to reveal her true from scaring the wits out of her brother.

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