A mummy is a body of a human being. Usually from Egypt who was a Pharaoh or a Queen. When they died a ceremony is done to preserve the body and organs to prepare them for the afterlife. First the internal organs are removed, such as the stomach, lungs, liver and intestines. They were preserved in natron salt and placed into small containers called canopic jars. While the heart considered the most important organ was kept inside the body. The brain was thrown out and considered not important. The body was then dried out with natron salt and resin, and wrapping in bandages.

Sometimes the mummy can partially reanimate and come back to life. This is dones by potions, elxirs, curses and even reading spells. Usually when the mummy awakens it is in a state somewhere between living and dying and sometimes and their sometimes not to happy to be awaken. Sometimes they can come back to life completely.

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