Rachel Louise Blanchard, was born on March 19, 1976  in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Rachel portrayed the role of Kristen during the first two season of Are You Afraid of the Dark? Before then she made appearances on shows such as The Kids of Degrassi Street, The Elephant Show, War of the Worlds. She along with Nathaniel Moreau, left Are You Afraid of the Dark? before the beginning of Season Three. She left to be in the show Criss Cross as the character Dinah McGee.

She got her bigger break, in 1996 when she starred as Cher in the very popular show Clueless, replacing an unavailable Alicia Silverstone. Then she was on the show 7th Heaven as Roxanne Richardson and then made small appearance in tshows such as PeepshowFlight of the Concords Flashpoint, Fargo and Children's Hospital.


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