1. All users must always follow Wiki's Terms of Use.
  2. No spamming of any kind is tolerated.
  3. No false information is to be included.
  4. No impersonation of any kind is tolerated. (example pretending to be Ross Hull or pretending to be someone like Melissa Joan Hart)
  5. Do not question or argue with a Bureaucrat, Admin, Content Mod, Rollback.
  6. Do not talk back or question why decisions are being made. Anyone with any concerns pm an Admin on their talk page.
  7. If a user is warned by an administrator, the user is expected to follow the advice and show improvement and to try not repeat the same mistakes. If they continue to disobey and repeat the same mistakes or get worse, they are subject to be banned for a period of time or possibly forever.
  8. Administrators from other wiki's: When coming from another Wiki, please always remember to mind your manners. Try not to act out of line please. If you have questions or concerns about the wiki, then please message a Bureaucrat or Administrator on their talk page.
  9. User's are welcomed to edit their profile pages as they wish too. However nothing pornographic or offensive is to be included.
  10. Do not edit user's talk page without their permission. This may result in a ban/block.
  11. Do not Harass, Argue, Fight, Bully or Insult other users.
  12. All users may only use one wiki account, a user having multiple accounts at a time is not allowed, Any using caught using multiple accounts will be blocked.
  13. Be careful with how much personal information you decide to share and discuss about yourself.
  14. Never write or tell anyone your home address, phone number or mobile number on any page or in the chatroom. (including your own profile pages).
  15. Pictures of yourself: Users if they wish to, can post a picture of themselves every now and again. However, the pictures must also abide by Wiki's Terms of Use. Also the pictures must not include any school, job, club or locational logos in them. Also the pictures must not include house address numbers. Or Vehicles liscense plate numbers. All of these must be blurred out, before uploading them.
  16. No hate speech (respect the LGBT community).
  17. No racism.
  18. No Sexism.
  19. No pornography is tolerated, anyone who uploads any pictures, video clips or sounds with be blocked forever.
  20. No uploading clips or episodes. This wiki is to be read only.
  21. No advertising is allowed.
  22. Respect other wiki's don't go to other wiki's and say this is better and do not disrespect any other wiki's on this wiki.
  23. Do not offer or ask for any downloads or tell people where to get them.
  24. Do not spam on page comments or post random Images or GIFS for no reason.
  25. Discussion's on pages are only to be about the topic of the page, or relevant to the topic of the page. If you wish to social with other users please message them on their talk pages, or meet them in the wiki's chat room.
  26. Swearing is allowed when socializing, but not too much at a time and not to be directed to anyone. Certainly not in editing.


  1. Proper grammar and punctuation.
  2. Paragraphing when necessary.
  3. No false information, this is spam and not allowed
  4. No Guessing:  this is spam and won't be allowed. Because if you don't know what happened, then leave it alone until you find out what did happen.
  5. Do not start an empty page, make a good effort to start it or to finish it.
  6. Massive Multiple Editing: A user is not allowed to do massive multiple editing a time or anything to just get their edit counts up. Such as changing one letter or number on multiple pages at a time. This is only allowed if there are coincidental mistakes on multiple pages at time. Therefore the edit summary needs to have mention included of what happened.
  7. No Nonsense editing or silly editing.
  8. Do not remove content from pages without permission. This is considered vandalism.
  9. Every page needs to have categories. This is to keep organized and to help find other pages faster.
  10. The mention of which Midnight Society Member is telling the story needs to be included. This is because although, not everyone will always read the episodes Intro, they will still know whose story it was.
  11. No video clips are to be included this wiki is read only.
  12. No including links to streaming sites or downloads.
  13. All Photos are to be licensed in fair use.
  14. Include photos in good quality only.
  15. Photo Gallery: If desired an episode page can have a Gallery of photos. When the page is near complete they will all be added to the episode pages tabber section.
  16. Do not advertise.
  17. Do not include any pornography or anything offensive.
  18. Do not copy off of
  19. Do not copy off another wiki, if you use one as a source say what wiki and write it in your own words.
  20. Do not copy anything off of this wiki to add to another wiki, such as Heroes Wiki and Villains Wiki. You may use information from here as a reference, but you need to write it in your own words, and say where you got it from.
  21. Do not add nonsense or silly categories to pages. Example White Pants Episodes.
  22. When you add trivia to the pages check your sources very carefully. Also do not add silly or pointless trivia such as this portrayer wore white pants in the previous episode that they were in.
  23. Ask for help or advice on editing whenever necessary.
  24. Do NOT add categories to categories. A category doesn't need a category.
  25. Proof read before you publish your edits.
  26. Always preview your edits before you publish them.
  27. Enjoy :)


The chatroom feature will be coming soon and all the same wiki rules apply to it.


The time being this wiki is still on it's way to building itself up. No other users will become bureaucrat's until a trusting community can be formed. However more Rollback's and Administrator's are needed and will be hired as time goes on. Although Sometimes with a good reference from another wiki or experience of working on multiple wiki's, that can really help a users chances. Still these condition must be followed.

  1. Trustworthy: He or She must be proven trustworthy and  won't just become an Administrator immediately upon request. The user must prove his or her commitment and good standards to the wiki.
  2. Reputation on other wiki's: it will be reviewed how well the user behaves on other wiki's.

Staff colors

  1. Dark Red is for a male Bureaucrat.
  2. Purple is for a female Bureaucrat.
  3. Dark Orange is for a Male Administrator.
  4. Yellow is for a Female Administrator.
  5. Green for Male Content Moderator
  6. White for Female Content Moderator.
  7. Blue is for a Male Rollback.
  8. Pink is for a Female Rollback.
  9. Lime is for a Male Chat mod.
  10. Aqua is for a Female Chat mod.

User Colors

Most of the time regular users name will be in the wiki's default color. However If a username is in Brown then that means the user is being watched for not following to the rules, or suspected of not following the rules. Then if a user's name is Dark Slate Gray, then that user is Blocked.

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