The Tale of C7
Season 5, Episode 7
Air date December 30, 1995
Written by David Preston
Directed by David Winning
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The Tale of Prisoners Past
The Tale of the Manaha

The Tale of C7 is the Seventh episode of the Fifth season of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and the Fifty-Ninth episode in total.


That night, Tucker & Stig are seen entering the circle talking on the way. Tucker is stressing because he's hard something important that he should tell everyone but he can't remember it at the moment. Stig tells him it's no big deal and not to worry about it. Tucker says he can't because it's really bugging him. Kiki, overhearing them talk on their way in approaches them and tells that what Stig is really bugging her. Kiki in a snotty and rude tone asks Stig if he changes his clothes. Stig, standing up for himself defensively asks her if she ever minds her own business.

Gary & Sam, seeing it happen both impressed seeing ooooh! ( Kiki got told). Kiki, reacts like she has been told and just shoos him away with disgust and goes to sit down. When Tucker sits down next to Betty Ann she can sees he looks distressed and with concern she asks him what's wrong. Tucker says that he is going nuts because he was going to tell them all something important but now he just can't remember what it is. Betty Ann, tells him if he stops trying to remember then soon he will remember.

Sam gets up and says that is sort of what her story is about and walks over to sit on the Storyteller's Chair. Garys asks, is it Tucker going out his mind? She say no it's about memories, not just any memories, the kind that we share. Sam takes a few familiar items out of her back pack and says that they inspired some of her stories. Sam shows them an old locket belonging to her grandmother and says it helped her come up with "The Tale of the Long Ago Locket". Also her brother's school ring helped her come up with "The Tale of the Dream Girl". Then when she shows them a whistle Tucker blurts out that it inspired "The Tale of Watcher's Woods",

Sam says exactly and that's her point, because a lot of memories are shared, when we look at old stuff we think of the same things. Which is important because it brings people together as friends. Imagine if people didn't have these memories, it would be like they had no past and no friends. Then the future would be just as empty and lonely. 

Sam, throws in the campfire dust to make the fire more intense while she submits her story for approval of The Midnight Society. She calls her story "The Tale of C7" and begins her story.


Sam, tells the story. The story takes place in the country far away from civilization. Jason and Lisa were happy that their mom Ellen had quit her job to start her own business. When they realized that she bought an old lakeside Inn, and  planned to fix it up with a contractor to run her own new business. Jason and Lisa weren't happy to be so far away from their friends and civilization. Their mom showed them the best part, according to her which living right by the beautiful river. Along with a dock and row boat, Ellen insists that Lisa will not be able to go in the boat without a life jacket because she refused to take swimming lessons. Ellen tries to encourage them to be more positive, saying that it's their chance to run their own business and be their own bosses.

The inside of the old Inn is a little old and run down, Ellen asks Jason to help her open a closet and the door is stuck. Jason pulls with all his might, until the door knob pops off and he goes flying and falls to the floor bumping into his mom. The glass chandelier from the ceiling comes crashing down. Ellen tells him to look out and he just misses it landing on him and they're all frightened. Then they realize the place is going to be even more expensive to fix than they thought. Later that night when Jason is sleeping, the sound of a pleasant woman humming and singing is heard. Jason wakes up wondering where the lovely music is coming from. Then he accidentally bumps in his mom and they both startle each other. Jason asks his mom Ellen if he can hear the music and he leads her downstairs.

They find Lisa standing and just entranced, staring away at something outside the window. She too says she can hear the music playing which she says sounded so nice, Ellen is about to take them back to bed. Then Jason passes by a closet and opens it to reveal a dusty room with an old 1940's jukebox in it. They doubt the music came from the Jukebox, but out of interest Jason plugs it in and the three are amazed it still works, and they all take an immediate interest in it. The way it works is that there are about three or four rows of single one song track records. Each row is listed from A to D and has a list of about 7 songs each. To test it out Jason puts on A2 and the jukebox retrieves the record and begins playing an old fashioned instrumental song. As the music is playing an unknown presence is approaching the Inn. Then suddenly the electrical outlet overloads and fills up the room with thick smoke, then the presence stop approaching the Inn.

Ellen is worried that if the wiring is too old it will cost a fortune to rewire the place. Jason thinks it might just be lose connections. Jason finally excited says that if they can get more classic items like the jukebox, they can give the place a retro look and it might even be cool and fun. Ellen is finally happy to see Jason feeling more positive and happy about the Inn, and leaves him to fix the Jukebox. A couple hours later Jason has tuned up the machine from the inside and is ready to test it out again. He decides to test it by playing the song for C7, but when presses the button the record is jammed and it doesn't work. Then he tests it by picking B5 and it plays an instrumental song and Jason is happy it works.

Once again an unseen presence slowly approaches the Inn. Then it slightly shorts out while playing and after he checks on it, he looks out the window and a beautiful young woman is outside. The jukebox suddenly stops and when he turns around again she's vanished. Wondering who the woman is and where she went, he slowly goes out to the dock and calls her and gets no answer. Then he turns around and bumps into his mom and they startle each other again. Ellen and Lisa just came back home with groceries, a little annoyed she tells Jason to stop startling her. Jason asks them if they saw the young woman. They are confused and say no because no one else is here but them. Then later in the night Jason wakes up once again hearing the jukebox playing.

He comes downstairs and finds the jukebox playing instrumental and vocal song. Jason approaches the jukebox to see what made it go on by itself. Then suddenly, he turns around and sees the beautiful young blonde woman he saw earlier. He asks her who she is but she does not answer, instead she slowly approaches the jukebox ready to pick another song. Jason scared backs away and bumps into the jukebox changing it to a random song. Then she instantly disappears, scared he looks all around and sees no one else. Then early the next day he is helping his mom clean the windows outside. Jason tells his mom about what he saw and she says he must have just been seeing things while sleepwalking. Ellen asks him to just work on cleaning the windows and stop talking about how he thinks the place is haunted. Overhearing them Lisa is now nervous. They try to calm her down and say they don't believe in ghosts and there is no such thing.

After Ellen leaves them to do their chores, Jason leaves Lisa unattended as he climbs up the ladder to wash the windows. He looks down and sees her gone. Worried sick he calls out to her over and over and runs out to the dock and just the shortest distance away, Lisa is rowing the row boat. Jason pulls the rope still attached to it back to the dock. Angry he says their mom is going to be really mad and punish them and asks her what she think she was doing. Lisa says that she was paddling out to help a lady in a canoe who was calling for help. When she turned around to show her to him she isn't there anymore, she describes her as pretty and singing an old song.

Ellen catches them in the act and gives them grief. Ellen tells Lisa she never wants her to go into the lake alone again. She tells Jason that she wants him to keep a closer eye on her when she isn't around. Jason tries to explain to her that she was talking to a ghost, but Ellen doesn't believe him. Jason tries to back her up by telling his mom that he has seen the ghost too, and he has not been sleepwalking or imaging it. Ellen finally tells him she got the property of the Inn for such a low price because of the scary story about the Inn.

Ellen tells Jason that the real estate agent told her that in 1945, just after World Wad II, ended a group of people were getting ready to throw a big welcome home party for a local boy who went off to serve overseas. The local boy's girlfriend who lived just across the lake arranged the whole thing. Just before the party a telegram was delivered informing the people that there was a mistake. The boy wouldn't be coming home because he had died. Also the same night, there was a really bad storm and the boy's girlfriend's canoe washed up on the shore empty and she was never seen again. Hearing this, Jason says that she is the ghost that Lisa saw. Ellen refuses to believe the story and let anything ruin her business opportunity and leaves him to look after Lisa while she is out for the evening.

Later that evening, Lisa is sitting down reading a Ghastly Grinner comic book, while Jason is playing the jukebox. He is trying to guess which song on the jukebox makes the woman's ghost appear. He discovers that the record for C7 is jammed, therefore he opens up the jukebox and fixes the jammed slot. Lisa realizes there is about to be a storm and needs to go and warn the woman's ghost and runs off. Jason realizes she is gone and worried he runs after her, over to the dock and she and the boat are gone. Jason runs back inside and tries to call the police, the police don't believe him and think he's trying to play a joke.

Then he decides maybe the ghost has her, so slowly he pushes the button to C7 and it finally works. Then music begins playing, and Jason blinks his eyes likes he's in a slight trance. When he turns around it's the welcome home party from 1945 that never happened. Filled with the spirits of the people from 1945, just as the soldier boy's ghost comes in they yell to him surprise and cordially welcome him back home. The boy asks them all where Iris (the woman's ghost) is and asks if she still waited for him. The boy looks upset as the people look at him almost if to say she's not here. Then suddenly Iris comes back and addressing him as Tommy, they happily reunite and have their one last dance, which they say they've been waiting so long for and knew they would always do again. Jason watches being so happy for them, after their dance they share a passionate kiss. Then Iris gratefully thanks Jason for his help, and Iris and Tommy run off together and leave the Inn to crossover.

Jason being so happy for him slowly turns around and he's back in present time. Then he bumps into his mom again and they startle each other again. Ellen tells him they've really got to stop meeting like this. Then Jason informs her that Lisa is missing, both scared sick run off to the dock and cry and scream at the top of their lungs for Lisa to come back. Suddenly Lisa is back, Ellen is so relieved she is back safely and gives her a big hug. Lisa says that she passed by the Iris and Tommy and safely they brought her back home much to her mom's confusion. Then before Jason heads back inside, he says out loud for the ghosts to hear "you're welcome", Then on his way in he suggests they open the Inn hall to do things such as weddings and welcome home parties.


As the story ends, Sam says that nobody ever saw another spirit or ghost at the Homestead Inn again, but Jason would always remember Iris and Tommy and the song from their past that finally brought them together, Because the memory was all that he had, because he could never get the old jukebox to play C7 again and ends her story.

Then suddenly lightning flickers and thunder is heard. Tucker smiles and says now he remembers. Betty Ann asks what it is? He tells them all that what he couldn't remember until now is that he heard that tonight there is going to be a big thunderstorm. Kiki, annoyed tells him "Now you remember?", Gary quickly declares their meeting closed and putting the red water bucket onto the fire putting it out. Just as the heavy rain comes pouring down and the light flashes and the thunder crashes, they all run away crying and screaming.

  • Jesse Moss as Jason
  • Tegan Moss as Lisa
  • Jane Wheeler as Ellen/Mom
  • Stéphanie Bauder as Iris
  • Colin Ferguson as Tommy

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