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The Tale of the Lonely Ghost

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The Tale of the Lonely Ghost
Season 1, Episode 3
Lonely ghost
Air date August 29, 1992
Written by Naomi Janzen
Directed by D.J. MacHale
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The Tale of Laughing in the Dark
The Tale of the Twisted Claw

The Tale of the Lonely Ghost is the 3rd episode of Season 1 of Are You Afraid of the Dark?


As Kristen is walking to the fire, she encounters David, who gives her a birthday present. They walk to the fire, and Eric is catching popcorn in his mouth before Frank pours water in his own. The meeting commences, and David introduces his story before titling it The Tale of the Lonely Ghost.

Amanda Cameron (Laura Bertram) and her parents are studying carvings up north. Amanda is wearing a buttoned down shirt and white pants, so she must stay with her Aunt Dottie (Pauline Little) and snobby cousin Beth (Laura Levin), who wants nothing to do with her and tells her to hang out with her and her friends on several conditions: She cleans up Beth's room, doesn't tell Aunt Dottie or her nanny (Sheena Larkin), and spends a night in the abandoned house next door alone.

Later that night, Amanda is writing a letter to her parents and confronted by Beth's nanny. She starts a conversation with her, but Beth interrupts them, telling Amanda that she hates her nanny and wants her gone, and that she is crazy from an event in the old house next door. The next night, Beth and her friends take Amanda there and explain the legend behind the supposed haunting: Years ago, a little girl lived in that house and was constantly taunted by the other kids because she couldn't speak. One day, her mother found that her overseas husband was sick and sent her daughter to her grandmother's while she went to help him. But, while the girl was walking, she was caught by mean kids, who chased her back home and locked her in her room. Unable to contact anyone, she died of starvation, and is now said to haunt the place as a ghost.

Amanda enters the house, finds the girl's bedroom, hears scratches, and turns around to find "Help me" written backwards on the wall. The ghost (Jenny Levesque) appears in the mirror, and Amanda, scared, runs out of the house and the little girl's ghost was saying "wait don't run,I didn't mean to scare you." When Aunt Dottie gets back from working late, Amanda tells her about the writing and the ghost. She disbelieves that the ghost wrote it as an act of vandalism, and sends her and Beth next door to clean the wall. They're both surprised to find more backward "Help mes" written on the walls. The mirror changes into a portal to the world of the ghost, and Beth, hypnotized by the girl's doll collection, walks in. The ghost walks out then amanda cries like a baby,cowering in front the door and she realizes the little girl's ghost didn't want to hurt her and it was saying to her don't be scared big kid i wo'nt hurt you., she just wants to give Amanda a necklace with a picture of Beth's nanny, revealing that she is her mother and the ghost writes on the wall "help me." This time forward and Amanda gets it, she just wanted Amanda to help her.

Amanda runs back to the house to find the nanny about to leave for a nursing home. She begs for her to go with her to the house, shows her her daughter's necklace, and leads her back to the ghost, where they are tearfully reunited. They enter the portal and close it and Amanda did a great job helping for helping the girl and freeing Beth but trapping her in the real closet. Amanda and Beth's friends (who had arrived shortly after the reunion) free her on the condition that she won't be so bossy and one of her friend said they were gonna have to make some changes in this group.

After ending the story, David meets up with Kristen. She opens the present, a necklace, and thanks him. The final scene shows them running to catch up with the rest of the group.



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