The Tale of the Prom Queen
Season 1, Episode 12
Air date November 7, 1992
Written by Chloe Brown
Directed by Jean-Marie Comeau
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The Tale of the Prom Queen is the Twelfth episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?


That evening, what appears to be the ghost of a maiden in a white gown is slowing walking through the forest. Next she is seen walking up closer and closer to clearing. The ghost's face cannot be seen because it's covered by a veil. Then we see at the Midnight Society clearing, David is looking through his notepad and Eric is eating a sandwich. Betty Ann and Kiki are sitting back to back besides each other. Betty Ann is relaxing and Kiki is tossing a ball up and down.

The maiden ghost is approaching getting closer and closer. Frank complains that Kristen is still not there. Eric cries that she's always late and tells Frank not to be surprised. Kiki says it's because Kristen takes too long putting on her makeup and if she isn't beautiful enough, she stays home. David tells them all that Kristen will be there and that she's got a great story. Gary then again states that they have rules about people being late and before he goes into details, the maiden ghost appears.

The six of them are really frightened by her and all huddle together in shock. David nervously asks the ghost who she is. The ghost tells them in a spooky like voice that she has come to tell them a story, then everyone in relief realizes it's Kristen in disguise. Her costume is for effects and Gary helps her with the dust and she submits her story for the midnight society, calling her story "The Tale of the Prom Queen" and begins while not breaking character.


Kristen tells a story of two boys named Greg and Jam, who go to a local graveyard, to find the ghost of a girl who died in a hit-and-run car accident in May 1956 while waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up for prom night at the graveyard gates. She was buried in her prom dress and there's a legend that every year on prom night the ghost of the prom queen shows up at the graveyard gates waiting for her beau who never came.

They run into a girl named Dede who seems eagerly intrigued with their story and they quickly recruit her for their ghost searching mission, so they go to the library and find that it's a microfilm reader and learn the details of the dead girl's story. The girl's name was Judy Larsen, and her boyfriend's name was Ricky Mitchell and he didn't know he was supposed to pick her up. When Ricky heard what happened, he felt so guilty that he drove his car off a bridge, killing himself, his body was never recovered.

Then, just after the three of them are finished their research and are about to leave the darkened and dimly light resource center room, they suddenly heard a clunking and slight crashing noise the presence that someone else or something else is in the room with them. They get really nervous and tense as the sounds of the noises and the footsteps get closer. Then the lights come on and it's just revealed to be the kind-hearted old librarian who decided to cordially and politely offer them some tea and the noise was just the sound of the dishes moving around as she carried them.

The next night, the trio decide to hold a seance at the lake to contact Ricky's ghost to let him know he was supposed to pick her up that Judy is still waiting for him. The seance seemed successful as the three of them sat in the rowboat, sounds of an old engine can be heard coming from the bottom of the river.

The next night, they go to the cemetery to see if Judy and Ricky will finally be reunited. When they show up at the cemetary, the three of them hear wind chimes and they see what appears to be a ghost wandering about. Greg approaches the hooded being and then suddenly they hear "BOO!" turns out it's a young man in disguise in a white hooded robe with glowing flashlights on his head and wind chimes in his hand.

The third guy is introduced to be Jam's cousin Chuck, and that Jam asked him to pretend to be the ghost as joke to give them all a scare, thinking that nothing like a real ghost appearing could ever happen. After Jam and chuck explain the prank while laughing the whole time. Then the church bells go off and Chuck points out that a vehicle is approaching, Greg, at first, think it's a caretaker but when realizing it's just someone random he is almost ready to pound Jam, thinking it's another joke, but then they realize the vehicle is an old 1950's Chevy glowing in the moonlight with a driver sporting an old fashioned greased haircut, they notice it was Ricky Mitchell. They freak out but see Dede stay still.

Jam, Greg and Chuck can't make heads or tails of the reason why Dede is not freaked out and is preparing to approach the man in the vehicle like he is no stranger, she takes her ponytail out then suddenly her clothes changes to a beautiful prom gown.

She then explains to them that she couldn't leave the cemetery unless someone took her with them and with their help, she finally found out why he never came and helped Ricky finally get the right message to pick her up. She then explains to a still puzzled Greg that Dede is her nickname and she says that her real name is Judy Larsen, revealing that it's been her the whole time.

With their help, she was able to do a seance to contact Ricky and find out what really happened that night too. Finally, her boyfriend is here to pick her up, and they drive off into the night and go right through the gate like it's not even there while Greg, Jam and even his cousin just stare off in complete shock, to realize they were associating and helping a ghost the whole time.


Then as the story ends Kristen takes off her veil and breaks off her ghostly character and Gary declares the meeting closed and puts out the campfire with the bucket of water and tells them till next time pleasant dreams everyone.

  • The scene when Judy instantly changes into her prom gown the song "In the still of the night" by Fred Parris and the Five Satins was originally played in the background off and on until the end of the story. However on new boxset releases the song has been edited out, for most likely copyright reasons.
  • Matthew MacKay also starred in the lead role as Dean Berkham in the episode "The Tale of the Sorcerer's Apprentice".

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  • Katie Griffin as Dede/Judy Larsen
  • Graeme Millington as Jam
  • Andre Todorovic as Greg
  • Amyas Godfrey as Chuck
  • Irene Kessler as Librarian.
  • Mathew MacKay as Ricky Mitchell

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