The Tale of the Sorcerer's Apprentice
Season 1, Episode 9
Air date October 17, 1992
Written by Stephen Zoller
Directed by D.J. MacHale
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The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors
The Tale of Jake and the Leprechaun
The Tale of the Sorcerer's Apprentice, is the Ninth episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?


Before the meeting has begun the gang is exploring the bushes around the clearing. Frank leads them to what appeared to be a fresh dirt covered grave near the bushes, David thinks it might have just been someone's dog. Frank thinks that someone buried a person out there to hid the evidence and bet's one of his valuable basket ball player rookie cards (Michael Jordan) that they will find a maggot covered corpse there. The gang comes in closer and closer to examine it then suddenly a skeleton pops out and scares them and they all run off terrified with Eric shouting run! run! run!. Then Kiki comes out from the bushes behind and highfives Frank and they both shout at the same time Psych! (turns out it was a joke the two of them pulled).

Next we see the gang sitting down the circle with Kiki sitting down and Frank tosses her the fake skull like a basketball and they're both laughing about how amusing they believed their joke was, and how Eric was the who had been most afraid saying run run run. Eric tries to defend himself by saying he wasn't that scared but Kiki doesn't believe him. Kristen seems mad and annoyed about their joke claiming it to be cruel and immature. But Frank thinks it was great claiming it that made his night. Gary asks who is telling the story tonight and Betty Ann says that she is and picks up the fake skull sits down on the Storyteller's chair says her story is about another type of skull of different sort an ancient wizard's good luck charm and how it can help one conquer the world and how it can far too much that one can bargain for. She throws the dust into the fire and calls her story. "The Tale of the Sorcerer's Apprentice", then begins.


Betty Ann tells the story, It takes place in modern time (the year when this episode first aired) but it starts with a flashback to the past. Late one night at a High School Named Linden High in 1966 a young teenage girl sneaks into the school and she heads all the way down to the basement pool.

The girl finds a chained bucket and places some metallic like items into it as she does so her rolled up sleeve reveals a sinister tattoo of a red cobra. The Girl lowers and drops the bucket into the water and makes a run for it.

Now back to the modern day (when this first aired) We meet Dean Berkham a young teenage boy who just didn't really fit in, wasn't very popular, didn't play sports and didn't do so good in school although he tried, we see the class get emptier and emptier until it's only him left in there and his teacher Ms. Crenshaw who forces him to hand in his test which she can clearly see he failed on the spot and she snaps at him telling him that he is slipping!

Dean's only friend was a girl named Alix though she was pretty much the complete he was they were very close and had a wonderful friendship. But little did they know their friendship was about to put to the ultimate test. Dean feeling down in the dumps about how awful his life seems to be, Alix gives Dean comforting and morale support to not give up because she had a feeling his luck was going change soon.

During world culture's class we see all sorts of wonderful and interesting artifacts and a visit from a famous female archaeologist named Dr. Oliver she gives the class a long and very interesting and somewhat gruesome discussion about artifacts, inscriptions, and monuments and how they give people clues and hints to study people's lives in the past. Such as explaining that a golden dagger was used by the high priests of Babylon to cut out the hearts of slaves they were about to sacrifice.

Also how an ancient salt bowl was not seasoning salt but for a weapon to ward off evil spirits, just like how garlic can ward off vampires. Also she shows the class a recently discovered ancient Babylonian long solid gold staff shaped like a cobra near the top with red jeweled eyes which apparently once belonged to an evil Babylonian sorcerer.

The inscription read it belongs to an ancient sorcerer named Goth who enslaved many people to do his biding and the writing also said that following Goth would bring one good fortune. But crossing Goth could lead to one's destruction, but Dr. Oliver dismisses all this as just stories. Dean just stared at the golden staff almost like he was in a trance. Dean was very interested and very intrigued by that golden staff and went to look at it again.

When Dean took another look at it, this time he looked at it right up close and the jeweled red eyes glowed brightly and placed him under a spell. Soon we see Dean has developed a new bad boy behavior and is dressing in punk style complete with a leather jack and blue jeans. He goes to the basement and unlocks a locked door. Next he walks down a flight of metal stairs down to another dark basement to a big empty and forgotten room. He pulls up a metal chain that retrieves the metal bucket with the metallic items the girl from 1966 got rid off.

The next day we see Dean once again in Ms. Crenshaw's science class and the class is taking another science test. Just after she told the class to begin Dean walked up to her claiming his test was done she holds it out showing it was blank and asking him if this was supposed to be a joke. Then he glared at her with his eyes and placed her into a trance making her think his test was perfectly finished and gave him an A+ grade.

After the class was over Alix tries to find out why he didn't seem to take the science test but he assures her he did and scold her for thinking he can't ace a test and he pushes her away telling her she must think he is useless just like everyone else does and he is going to prove to everyone that is not a loser after all.

Soon he stopped talking to Alix completely and begun hanging out with a new group of students. One day Alix noticed Dean stealing dangerous and corrosive chemicals from the science class such as mercuric acid. Then Alix followed Dean all the way to the basement.

She eavesdrops on Dean showing a group of brainwashed friends that the mercuric acid can create a pathway after pouring some in a cauldron steaming smoke rises up, he throws in some nightshade leaves from a Belladonna plant according to him combined together they create the mystic vapors. The steam is now lime green and is smoking and steaming in the air, these vapors can supposedly be enough to free Goth.

Dean catches Alix spying on him so he sends all his friends out to chase her down and catch her. Alix out runs them and finds Dean again this time on his knees preparing the vapors. Dean takes a black pouch out of pocket that has an jewel inside of it. He places it into the mouth of the snake staff and it begins to glow a gleaming solid red. He has summoned the vision of goth, Goth tells him that he has waited centuries for an apprentice like him and Dean informs him that he has almost gathered the final ingredient he needs to free him. Goth informs him it must done that night before the full moon the mystic vapors must be released and if succeeds in freeing anything he'll ever want again will be his and Goth will have all the power in the universe and he evilly laughs.

Alix who was spying in complete horror tries to get away she backs away and makes noise bumping into something. Goth can see her and instructs Dean to get her. She runs back to school to find Dr. Oliver but according to Ms. Crenshaw she left the other day to visit another school and reach out to new minds. She tries to explain to her that Dean is possessed by an evil spirit but turns out she is also and she asks her to join her and join goth as well and Alix runs off in terror. Everywhere she goes she finds more and more possessed people.

She runs off into the auditorium and finds Dean waiting for her there. Dean at first seems like his normal self and he is happy because she was right his luck was going to change soon. He is now cool, smart, popular and not getting picked on anymore. She tries to convince him to come to his senses and to resist and fight off Goth. This proves to be too late Goth's control on him is too great and he dismisses her as a friend and claims sooner or later she'll be a follower too.

That night before the full moon Alix follows Dean and his friends to school and tries to run off and call the police when she sees them bringing in tons of mercuric acid but his friends nab her and stop her from running away. Dean has Alix dragged with them to the school basement. He tells her that apparently the school closed the pool off more than 25 years ago that a young girl went mad (as in crazy) in there the guards followed her into the pool room and she was completely out of her mind.

The room to the pool itself was closed off since then and finally it was going to be opened again since he stole the key from the janitor. They enter the pool room. Dean sets up the staff with the glowing red power jewel and his possessed friends begin to pour the big barrels of mercuric acid into the pool. Then he stood on the diving board and tosses in a garbage full Belladonna leaves and nightshade.

Alix intercepts and pulls the red jewel out of the snake staff after that happened all his friends except him fainted because he was too powerful now. Finally the mystic vapors form and green mist fills the air and Goth begins to start returning and he decided to try and kill Alix for her constant interfering and begins to focus in on her. Suddenly Dean is finally freed from his brainwashing possibly his feelings for Alix finally freed him and were too much for goth wanting to kill her and he doesn't remember at first what was going on, then quickly remembers again.

Dean tries to run for help but Goth freezes him in his place and he can't move, Goth claiming he would come for him next. As goth closes on her Dean screams to her, instructing her to pour the chlorine into the pool. She pours it into the pool and it dissolves the nightshade and in a flashing explosion Goth is sent back to where he was. Alix asks him how he knew what to do? Dean reveals he remembered from Ms. Crenshaw's chemistry exam, that he knew that chlorine would kill the bacteria in the organic leaves. Dean and Alix reunite and hug and become friends again and take off and head for home.

Meanwhile someone else enters the pool room, the person happens to be none other than Dr. Oliver. She apologizes to the staff because their mission failed and not to worry she placed jewels in all of the High School's she's already visited. She assures it they'll have another chance and she then says "And to think, when I was a young girl, they thought I was mad, ha ha ha ha ah ha ha ha" and places another jewel into the mouth of the staff and it once again glows a gleaming red and there is also a red cobra tattoo on her arm revealing herself to be the very same crazy girl from 1966.


when the story ended, David and Eric sensed the story might one day have a sequel but it never did. Gary declares their meeting closed and puts out the campfire.

  • Matthew MacKay appeared again in the series briefly just three episodes later in "The Tale of the Prom Queen" as Ricky Mitchell.
  • Jane Gilchrist who portrayed Ms. Crenshaw would reappear in the series revival as an unnamed teacher in the episode "The Tale of the Zombie Dice".
  • Jamie Elman made an uncredited appearance in the episode. He would later make another uncredited appearance in the episode "The Tale of the Shiny Red Bicycle".
  • Five years after this aired, Ross Hull co-starred with Jamie Elman as best friends Chris Sheppard and Cody Miller in the T.V. show "Student Bodies".

  • Mathew MacKay as Dean Berkham
  • Staci Smith as Alix
  • Jamie Elman (uncredited) as a student
  • Chris Nash as Acolyte #1
  • Jane Gilchrist as  Ms. Crenshaw
  • Emma Stevens as Dr. Oliver
  • Stephen Hart as Goth

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