The Tale of the Whispering Walls
Season 2, Episode 7
Air date July 31, 1993
Written by Alison Lea Bingeman
Directed by D.J. MacHale
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The Tale of the Dark Dragon
The Tale of the Frozen Ghost
The Tale of the Whispering Walls, is the seventh episode of the second season of Are You Afraid of the Dark? as well as the Twentieth episode in total.


That evening, The Midnight Society is approaching the clearing, walking through some bushes. David mentions to them that it's a full moon and the day of Leap year that night. Kiki asks him what it's supposed to mean, and David says it's the night that the spirits of the dead are free to take away innocent victims. Frank, thinks he's just making it up.

Gary, notices someone at the clearing standing near the fire, and cautiously tells them all to stand back. The person is in long black robes and wearing a creepy white skull mask, looking pretty scary. Kristen is scared and wants to leaves in a hurry, but David persuades her to stay. The scary looking person approaches them, then speaks in a familiar voice. Then takes off the skull mask revealing herself to be none other than Betty Ann in disguise.

The five of them express sighs of relief when finding out it's her, as they pass by her to sit down around the campfire, Gary tells her Great idea, Frank tells her cool. Kiki asks her what she's doing? Kiki asks her if she knows what is happening this night. what's happening on this night is that it's a full moon and it's on the day of the leap year. Frank, seems disgusted because she's into the leap year superstitions too.

Betty Ann hold her skull mask in front of her face and tells them that with this mask and in this circle, it's their only protection. Frank laughs at her and tells her it just sounds like a dumb joke. Betty Ann tells him that, he doesn't have to believe her, but it's an old superstition. Betty Ann explains that her story takes place on February 29 which is leap year which happens every four years. Also when it comes with a full moon, Watch out! the spirits who are out on a full moon leap year, are hunting and it may be for you! She throws in the campfire dust and submits her approval for The Midnight Society, calling here story "The Tale of the Whispering Walls" and begins her story.


Betty Ann, tells the story. The story is about a babysitter named Louise Lam, who was just driving home the two kids she frequently babysits. The kids are named Claire Dickens and Andrew Dickens, it's unsure how old the kids really are. Claire looks to be about 11 and Andrew looks to be about 8 or so. Louise has just taken them out for a day of fun at The Playland amusement park. Andrew, says they went into the Laughing in the Dark Funhouse. Then when the Zeebo clown popped out, it really scared the daylights out of him.

Claire is annoyed with how childish her brother is. Before they can begin fighting and arguing with each other, Louise tells them to be nice or she won't take them to Molly's house. We are not informed exactly who Molly is, she may be a relative or family friend of Claire and Andrew or a friend or relative of Louise, it's just that the Kids are more than thrilled to visit Molly, because they always get all you can eat Banana splits when they do.

They're driving away on a windy deserted road. Claire criticizes Andrew for putting some candy in his mouth, telling him his teeth are going to rot. Andrew defends himself telling her that at least he doesn't have onion breath. Then he turns on his hand held battery powered air propeller fan at her sending a bit of air in her face. Then Louise, Passing by The highway sign and is puzzled. Because she thought the number 9 highway went the other way. When they drive away the wooden highway sign falls down from the blowing off the wind. Then underneath it reveals to be a metal highway sign stating that Highway 9 is supposed to be the other way.

Louise, passing into a place in the middle of nowhere that has a Tavern (bar), which according to the sign is called the Whisper Inn. Louise, doesn't recognize anything in the surroundings so she decides to go into the tavern and ask someone for directions. The three of them enter the tavern, it's slightly dark inside at first and it's very old fashioned almost built like a wild west or pioneer saloon. The tavern is covered in hard wood finished walls, and old fashioned hardwood and antique furniture and old fashioned items such as wagon wheels are around parts of the room. The place seems closed and all the chairs are stood upon the tables.

Andrew is creeped out by the place, and they're about to leave. Then a loud voice calls out "SHUT THAT DOOR!", They turn around and hear a man saying he hates drafts of wind. Louise and the kids turn around, and she tells the man they're sorry for coming in, but they're lost. The man is dressed all in black with six fancy gold trimmed feathers on his shirt, he is pale looking too. He tells them, They're not lost, because they're precisely on time. Louise tells the man, that they're looking for Highway 9 to Victor Heights. The man slowly approaches them and tells them they strayed away pretty far, in a creepy sort of way he tells them a shortcut they can take. The shortcut is to take the dirt road outside, it travels through the woods that will takes miles off their trip.

Andrew, then turns on his little air propeller fan to make the sets of wind chimes blow. The man suddenly vanishes for a moment and appears further back in the tavern asking if there is anything more he can do for them. Louise says no, but thanks him anyways and they leave. Then on the way out the kids remark about how creepy the man was. Then suddenly it gets very very windy and the wind blows strong in their faces and they head down the path.

The path takes them to a very old fashioned red brick, Victorian Era house. When they stop there, suddenly Louise has engine trouble and can't start her car. She has no idea what's wrong with her car. Louise suggests they go inside the house and ask someone in their if they can use their phone and call for help. Louise tells them to wait inside the car, saying she will be back in a flash and goes into the house. Louise goes up to the front door and it opens automatically, revealing it to be pitch black inside. She goes inside the house and the front door closes shut behind her.

Claire and Andrew, wait a very long time for Louise to come back. But it seems like she never is coming back. Then they decide to go inside the house and find her. When they get to the front door, once again the front door opens by itself revealing the pitch blackness inside. The house inside is old fashioned, dark and deserted. The kids then hear a sound, believing it to be Louise and follow the sound upstairs. When they get upstairs, and pass through the hallway, they can hear music playing. They followed the music to a small little room. The room has decorations and banana splits on the table. Also on the table is a small merry-go-round music box playing the music they heard and followed. Andrew is more than happy to eat dish of a banana split, when Claire tries to dig in with her spoon wanting some too. Andrew being a bit greedy swings it away telling her to get her own. Then suddenly it spills on the floor. Then a few seconds later, it begins to smoke and and burn like acid. They run off scared and freaked out, as the face of the creepy man from the tavern appears on the floor where it spilled laughing.

They head back down through the path in the woods. They are running and then stopping out of breath, Andrew tells Claire he is grateful that she wanted some of his ice cream. Because when he dropped it, it turned out to be acid. Andrew asks Claire, what they should do now. Claire is thinking about asking the man at the tavern for help even though he is a creep but there is no other choice.

When they head back to the Whisper Inn tavern, they come inside from a powerful gusting wind storm. However when they look inside, old fashioned music is now playing and there are five people dressed in old fashioned clothing. The fashions of their clothing is very out of date, possibly from the 1920s or 1930s. There is an old bald man sitting at the bar table, getting some punch, A yellow blonde man, adjusting the jukebox, an old elegant lady with a tray of drinks, and young couple happily dancing together.

All five of the people freeze in place when Claire asks to speak to them. Claire tells them they came from the house in the woods and they all look at her in surprise, when she tells them that. She then tells them that their babysitter Louise is lost in there. The old elegant lady politely offers her some punch. Claire doesn't want any and just asks if they can help them. The dancing couple come closer to her, and the woman of the couple tells her to relax because their babysitter will be just fine that is..... once the sun sets. The man of the dancing couple tells them that it's going to be a full moon on a leap year that night, and they wouldn't be here otherwise and they laugh and go back dancing. The old elegant lady tells Claire that she reminds her so much of her dear Jane and it's so sad that she does.

The blonde man who was adjusting the jukebox, comes by moving and acting a little silly. He tells them not to pay attention to them and they're just pulling your leg. Claire still doesn't get what is going on, but the silly man tells her to lighten up, because the sun is going down, and they can live. Claire asks who lives in the house. The Silly blonde man asks them, "Better question, who is the house living in?". The old bald man tells them it's Master Raymond's house, it has been for years and for years to come. They leave the tavern thinking they were all a bunch or crazy and messed up people. Andrew then suggests that they call their Mom and Dad to come pick them up, Claire asks if they have a phone in the tavern. They go back into the tavern to ask, and it's dark inside and deserted once again.

This is scares them making them realize they were ghosts or spirits and they run off in a panic. They head back to Master Raymond's house to get Louise, when they get inside they can hear all sorts of voices echoing and whispering coming from the walls. Some of the voice says that they will never, ever leave this house and one voice is a woman laughing. Then they hear Louise calling for them.

They passed through a hallway, She directs them to go to the living room. They go into the next room and see Louise's face trapped inside a mirror, she pleads for them to help her and tells them that she is upstairs trapped. Then suddenly her face vanished to reveal the face of the creepy pale man from the tavern earlier, whom is figured out to be Master Raymond and he sinisterly laughs and they run upstairs to help Louise.

They head upstairs to find Louise as they are walking down the hallway one by one the four of the five people they saw in the tavern not too long ago appear then vanish from the pictures on the wall, the old elegant lady doesn't. They finally find Louise in a bedroom sitting down in a rocking chair. Claire is surprised to see she okay and tells her she thought something happened to her and maybe she had been hurt. Louise says she is fine and she is calm and relaxed she is cuddling a baby to sleep. She tells them that they can go when the baby falls asleep. They then notice a ring on her hand with a huge ruby on it, and knowing she never wore that before they figured out it's Master Raymond in disguise.

Louise speaks in Master Raymond and throws what she was cuddling at them, saying "here this is for you!", and a snake comes out of the blanket, Claire screams and throws it to the floor and it misses them. Then in Master Raymond's voice, Louise laughs diabolically. When Claire and Andrew run out to hide, Andrew does downstairs and tries everything to get the door open. Claire stands near another blank picture on the wall. The elegant old lady appears and tells her once again, she really reminds her of her dear little Jane and that it's so sad. Claire screams and runs away.

Claire runs over to a wall with a statue face attached to the wall, with two hands holding candles. The face looks like Louise. Louise tells her it's really her and that she is trapped and she begs Claire to help her. Claire without thinking pulls on the left candle and the wall turns out to be revolving wall and goes to the other side of the wall. Downstairs Andrew is still looking for Claire and Louise when suddenly the front door opens with a huge powerful draft of wind. Remembering earlier Master Raymond demanded that the door in the tavern to be shut, realizes he hates drafts of wind. Then gets out his little air fan propeller and runs off to find them.

Claire find Louise on the other side of the wall sitting down asleep on a chair. Then Andrew has run over to the other side of the wall. Claire instructs him how to activate the revolving wall. First as Andrew is about to pull down on the candle stick, Master Raymond's face appears laughing attempting to scare him. Andrew turns on the little air fan propeller and the air from it makes Master Raymond vanish. Andrews enters to the other side of the wall and is reunited with Claire and Louise.

Then Suddenly Master Raymond shows up again. He is standing near where Louise is sitting down asleep on the chair. He tells them welcome, Andrew tells him to leave her alone because she is leaving with them. Master Raymond, tells him big words for such a small boy. Andrew while being held back by Claire tells him he isn't small and he isn't scared of him. Master Raymond tells them that when the sun sets, Louise's soul will be his. As he tells them this, Louise automatically in a trance gets up and walks with him. He claims that with her soul trapped in the walls her energy will keep him alive and will keep the house alive. Also she'll become a part of the them and the house forever. Claire calls him a monster, and he tells her to watch what she says and she might be next.

Andrew then picks up a vase and throws into a nearby window smashing it. This causes a huge gust of wind to come blowing in. This makes Master Raymond vanish. Louise snaps out of the trance and the three of them are almost on their way out to the front door. The front door slams shut, then Master Raymond walks right through it appearing again. He tells them there is no use running, because the sun is almost down and Louise is his! Then Andrew tries to to use his air fan propeller again but it's jammed. Master Raymond scoffs at it and tells him he won't fall for it again.

He sends Louise back into her trance and now Claire is in a trance too and comes to stand next to Louise and Master Raymond. He tells Andrew to run along now, then suddenly The spirit of the old elegant lady appears. Master Raymond calls her Violet and asks her what she thinks she is doing. Violet tells him she won't let him take their souls. He is mad that she dares defy hims. Violet, asks him to spare them because they're just kids and they're all so young. Then just as Master Raymond asks her Violet to returns to the walls, she says she is so like my poor little Jane. Then Violet opens the front door wide open. Then the most powerful blast of wind comes blowing in. This cause Master Raymond to literally vanish into air and disappear screaming no as he does. Louise and Claire are freed from the trance and Louise has no memory of what happened. Violet tells them to go quickly before he comes back.

They run out of the house as fast as they can and make back to Louise's car. Then after they drive away another vehicle pulls up and a different man comes out who appears to be lost looking and he is looking onto the house next to him.


As the story ends Betty Ann, says that the house still stands today, and that people still continue to disappear when the moon is full on February 29. Everyone seems spooked from hearing the story. Gary tells them it's time to go but they're all so scared they all keep telling each other to go first before them.

  • Vivian Liu as Louise Lam
  • Tamar Lee as Claire Dickens
  • Ryan Gifford as Andrew Dickens
  • Robert Higden as Master Raymond
  • Una Kay as Violet, The Old Elegant Lady

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