The Tale of the Zombie Dice
Season 6, Episode 4
Air date February 27, 1999
Written by Maggie Leigh
Directed by Adam Weissman
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The Tale of the Virtual Pets
The Tale of the Gruesome Gourmets
The Tale of the Zombie Dice, is the Fourth episode of the Sixth season of Are You Afraid of the Dark?, and the Sixty-Ninth episode in total.


That night, Quinn and Andy are seen carrying together a heavy chair into the circle. Vange is shown to be sitting on it as they are placing it down and she tells them to drop it anywhere. They do and it goes clunk and she complains because it hurt. Tucker, comes in and asks Vange why she brought it. Megan nearby says she brought it as well as the sofa she is lying down on.

Tucker is surprised to see this, and he asks her where she got them. Quinn says from a nearby dump. Megan says she knows they're not traditional, but they are way more comfortable to seat on and hopes he doesn't mind. Tucker is happy and doesn't mind and at all. Then he gladly hops onto the sofa and gets comfortable. Then Tucker asks who is telling the story for the night.

Vange, goes to sits on the Storyteller's chair and says that she is. Megan beats them to sitting on the comfy chair and Andy beats Quinn to sititing next to Tucker on the Sofa and he complains that he'll just sit on a rock,

Vange says her story is about games, everybody loves games. Most of all when you win, losing isn't so much fun but it doesn't really matter because it's only a game, and you can always play it again. However not always, because if you lose the game from her story, you may never play another game ever again. Megan seems intrigued hearing this.

Vange throws in the campfire dust to make the fire more intense while she submits her story for approval of The Midnight Society. She calls her story "The Tale of the Zombie Dice" and begins her story.


Vange tells the story. The story first takes places in a basement, a teenager named Patrick is lead to a pedestal. The person who pushes him around is a seven foot tall man named Klimbo. Klimbo appears to be a sleep deprived human zombie who only grunts. Patrick calls out he wants a rematch. Then he touches the platform of the pedestal and it glows with light. Suddenly his thumb is stuck and he can't move and he panics. Klimbo then shows him a small little box, and realizing what it might be he reacts with a horrified reponse screaming no.

The the story focuses on two friends, Tate and Alex. Tate enjoys taking risks and accepting challenges. Alex is very careful and cautious with everything he does. Ergo Tate often mocks him about being this way calling him a granny. That day their teacher busted Tate for card gambling in class and had the guidance counselor confiscate his deck of cards. Later after school ,Alex and his little brother Andre hang out at "Click's Emporium", a popular after school hangout that has all sorts of games, snacks and sodas.

Tate happened to be there toom, and he just got popular with a group of people for winning bets on high scores on video games. To celebrate he buys everyone soda and snacks. He challenges Alex to a video game, Alex turns down the offer because he knows Tate can beat him easily. Tate then teases him in front of everyone about how he never takes a risk or challenge. Then he tries to bet him an easy challenge, he bets Alex the place will close at 7 O'Clock, when everyone knows perfectly well and it's even mentioned on the wall it closes at 6 O'Clock. Alex chooses not to accept the bet because it's silly and his brother thinks he is a wimp. Tate mocks him telling him he can't even bet when he knows he is going to win.

Then as the place announces it closing, the owner Mr. Click applauds Alex for being a wise young man and never letting anyone talk into playing games he is not comfortable playing. Then mentions to Tate that he sees potential in him, and realizes he is a real gamesmen and is never afraid to turn a challenge and never loses. Mr. Click introduces himself and challenges Tate to play a game with him. If Tate wins he gets free run of the emporium for a year, but if he loses all he wants is Tate's thumbprint. This leaves them all confused and a little creeped out. After he leaves Mr. Click rudely pushes Klimbo around and threatens him with a baseball. He orders him to finish loading the truck and prepare a new display because they'll have a new "guest" soon.

The next day after school, Alex has free movie passes and invites Tate to go with him. Tate says he taking up Mr. Click on his challenge and can't back down on a challenge and isn't a granny like he is. When Tate shows up at the emporium, Mr. Click takes him into his private office. There he challenges him to a game he calls "Zombie Dice" the two dice each have a red skull on them. The player needs to throw both dice three times. If a skull appears even once then the player lose, if no skulls appear then the player wins. Tate at first thinks it's not a good enough game being just total luck and tries to back out. Then he is taunted, being told that he might just a coward like his friend. Hearing this Tate takes him up on the challenge. Tate throw his first two tosses and has no skulls and is certain he will win. Then when he throws the last toss, one red skull appear and he loses.

Tate is mad he lost saying it's a stupid game, but since he lost he must give his thumbprint. He is lead to the basement behind a secret false door. He is told to place his thumb on a pedestal when he gets down there. When he walks down there, he bumps in Klimbo, he grunts at him and points him to the direction. Then he instructs him to touch the screen of the pedestal, Tate place his thumb on the the shining light of the pedestal. However, now Tate's thumb is stuck and he can't get free. He panics and asks what the deal is? Mr. Click shows up and tells him the deal is he is going on a little trip. Then Tate is instantly shrunken down to action figure size and locked in small boxed cage. Mr. Click then tells him in a maniacal tone that he has buyers from all around the world who will pay a handsome price for very unique "pets", and laughs sinisterly

A little later, Alex and Andre go looking for Tate and check the emporium. The place is closed, but with a hunch he checks the backroom to see if he and Mr. Click are still playing their challenge. No one is in Mr. Click's office and he calls around to see if anyone will hear him. Seeing that Tate left his coat, he checks the room for a door to another room. He stumbles upon the secret door and enters the basement. When he enters the basement he bumps into Klimbo, who grunts and chases after him to the end of the room. There he finds Tate shrunken in the box, he asks him what happened to him.

Mr. Click comes by and says that he won his thumbprint and when you win someone's thumbprint you own them. Therefore he shrinks the losers down to miniature size and sells them to buyers all around the world who pay a huge amount for rare and unique little pet humans. He says Tate is going off to a buyer in Australia, and if survives the trip like not all of them do he'll enjoy it down there. Mr. Click abusively screams at Klimbo to get back to work and tells Alex he's strong as an ox but not so bright and soon he'll be a pet too.

Alex demands he free Tate, but Mr. Click says no because he lost. So Alex challenges him to the game and if he loses Alex gives him his thumbprint. In the office, Alex decides to have Mr. Click throw the dice to see whether or not the game is rigged or not. Mr. Click takes his sweet time throwing the dice and wins the game. Klimbo grabs Alex and is about to take to the basement. when Alex begs for another chance because he's never gambled before and requests another game. This time he wagers that if loses Mr. Click can have his little brother.

They are at the bar and Alex bets him that he can drink two mugs of Soda before he can finish one small glass. All he wants is a head start to be fair,and he can't pick up the glass untIl he finishes the first mug. Mr. Click only agrees if he'll drink three mugs, Alex than has him raise the stakes. Therefore if Alex wins he'll get Mr. Click's thumbprint, Mr. Click overconfident with himself agrees. Then they review the rules of their drinking game and begin. Alex drinks the first mug very slowly and Mr. Click is sure he'll lose. However the trick of the game is revealed, Alex places his empty mug upside down on top of Mr. Click glass. Therefore since he can't touch Alex's mugs, he'll finish before he does. Mr. Click is furious and says how it's unfair, he is reminded it's fair because he agreed to it.

Mr. Click complains because he's cheating and won't allow it, Then to his shock Tate is freed and informs him that Alex is the winner and he's the loser. Tate applaudes Alex and apologizes to him for before. Mr. Click runs off trying to make a run for it, in the basement he tries to pack up and leave in a hurry and pushes Klimbo around for the last time. Klimbo gets fed up with him and closes in on him. Then in a big bright flash of light. Alex, Andre and Tate ask Klimbo where Mr. Click is. Klimbo smiles and says game over and shows him the small box and heads off with Mr. Click securely locked in the box.


As the story ends, Vange says that no one EVER played another game in Click's Emporium again and she meant any game! Megan is impressed and tells her the story was amazing. Tucker says it was a good story and he really likes the furniture a lot. Megan smiles happy to hear this, and they find out that Quinn has fallen asleep stretched out on the sofa. Tucker says he likes it a little too much, so the others all decide to leave quietly leaving him sleeping on the sofa. Quinn talks in his sleep telling his mom that he doesn't want to go to school that upcoming day.

  • Scott Pietrangelo as Tate
  • Mitchell David Rothpan as Andre
  • Edward Yankie as Mr. Click
  • Daniel Skorzewski as Klimbo
  • Marc Foucault as Patrick
  • Jane Gilchrist as The Teacher

  • Jay Baruchel as Alex

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